Mole Control Handcross

Mole Catcher Handcross

Welcome to the Handcross Mole Catcher.

Over the past 4-5 years moles have been on the increase in Handcross and the need for a professional mole catcher has never been bigger.

Moles will venture on to lawns in search for food. They will dig long and complicated tunnel systems which the worms will drop into, giving the moles an easy meal. Each mole must consume at least 1/3 of its own body weight per day to survive.

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Moles are thought to be solitary mammals but this is not strictly true and it’s common to catch a male and female mole sharing tunnels during the breeding season (April – July).

How Do You Catch Moles In Handcross?

The only effective and humane way to resolve a mole infestation is to call your local mole catcher in Handcross. I am a expert on moles and have over 12 years experience which is needed when trying to catch these elusive pests.

Traps are set in the tunnel being used by the mole and will dispatch the mole instantly causing no suffering. I don’t use any gases or poisons to catch moles as these are expensive and cause suffering to the moles.

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My mole control in Handcross is just £150 inclusive. If you have more than one mole in your garden then I offer a discounted rate for every other mole I catch.

If you would like to find out more regarding my mole catcher Handcross service then please contact me.