The Burgess Hill Mole Catcher

Traditional Mole Trapping in Burgess Hill
If moles have invaded your garden in Burgess Hill then give me a call toady!

My name is Kevin Janes and I provide a traditional mole control service to customers in Burgess Hill and surrounding areas.

My experience enables me to determine where to set my traps to bring a mole infestation under control as quickly as possible. Most mole problems are resolved within 48 hours but this may vary depending on the size of the problem.

The Burgess Hill Mole Catcher in action

how much does a mole catcher cost?
My price structure is different from a general pest control companies. I only charge you for what is caught. The advantages of this method is there are no costs for setting, checking or re-setting traps. Even if it take me a week to bring your mole problem under control then you still pay the fixed price.

The first mole is charged at £150 and then there is a large discount on any additional moles caught.

mole control in a garden in burgess hill

why do we have moles?
Burgess Hill is one of the worst areas in Sussex for mole problems. Moles are after one thing when they appear on your lawn and that’s food!

A single mole will eat a third of its body weight a day in worms and insects just to survive. The mole will dig long tunnels so it can collect any food that drops into them. Unfortunately this will mean the mole will push all the excess soil to the surface producing the famous mole hill.

Please feel free to contact the Burgess Hill mole catcher today via phone or email.

Always catches the mole within a few days and a very pleasant man to work with!

Mr Folly - Burgess Hill
The farm was covered in mole hills. Kevin talked us through his approach and we are very happy with the results.

Tim - Burgess Hill