Expert Mole Control in Sussex

Welcome to the Sussex mole catcher site
I am a full time professional mole catcher offering my mole control service in West Sussex.
We have closely observed their behavior over the years and this has given me the edge when it come to catching these elusive pests quickly and as humanely as possible.

All moles in Sussex using traps made for professional use which ensures the moles are killed instantly. After locating the main run the mole is using a trap is carefully placed, as the mole passes through the trap the mole will be killed quickly and humanely.
While the mole is tunneling it will push the excess soil to the surface which creates a ‘mole hill’.

Sussex Mole Catcher service

Why use a Mole Catcher?
Moles are one of the hardest pests to catch unless you understand their movement and lifestyle. Many of my customers have tried their own mole control without success. Normally the most common things tried is flooding the tunnels with a hose, pouring Diesel in the hole or inserting sonic repellers into the ground.
While the mole is tunneling it will push the excess soil to the surface which creates a ‘mole hill’.


Registered Mole Catcher
I am a registered mole catcher and a member of the British Traditional Mole Catchers Register. My aim is not just to catch mole but to do it in the most humane way possible which is trapping them.
Gassing is an option to kill moles but this causes suffering and is expensive.

While the mole is tunneling it will push the excess soil to the surface which creates a ‘mole hill’.

Moles In Sussex

Moles are thought to be solitary but this is not strictly true. During the breeding season it is common to catch a male and female in the same tunnels and often the same trap in Sussex.
If you have left the moles for a long period then it’s more likely you will have a larger problem.

Mole Myths

There are so many myths about moles but in truth they are almost impossible to study naturally. Here are some interesting facts about Moles

  • Moles work on a 4 hour feeding cycle day and night
  • Moles are not completely blind and can distinguish between day and night.
  • Moles come above ground when the mum pushing them out to look for their own territory.

Moles Love The Rain

If you are experiencing problems with moles and would like to find out more about my Sussex mole control service then please feel free to call or email me.
I also work 7 days a week and even during the snow and wet weather to ensure your garden or land is Mole free.

We also provide our pest control services in Brighton, Worthing, Lewes, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Pulborough, Petworth, Midhurst, Steyning, Shoreham, Burgess Hill, Hassocks, Uckfield, Billingshurst, Southwater, Ardingly, Maresfield, Plumpton, Storrington, Washington, Cowfold, Lindfield, Henfield, Hurstpierpoint, Bolney, Patching and surrounding areas.